40% Alc.

Made with 100% Blue Agave that come from our own growing. Soft and intense aromas to the palate. Deep flavor with a unique character obtained by the mixture of the agaves that come from the Bajío (strong and intense) and those from 

Los Altos de Jalisco area (sweet and soft). Our Blanco is distilled twice in stainless steel stills with copper coil.


  • Appearance: Crystalline clear.
  • Aroma: Sweet fresh agave with hints of grapefruit and florals.
  • Taste: Fresh and sweet agave. Finish: Clean and crisp
    Tequila Blanco 40% Alc. Vol. 750 ml


40% Alc.

Elaborated with our Gran Coronel Blanco tequila, and aged in barrels for a minimum of 6 months instead of the 2 months required by the regulation. This aging method allows us to obtain the golden color characteristic of the Gran Coronel Reposado tequila. Special aromas obtained by its settling in French Allier oak barrels and American oak barrels. Calculated mixture of the different barrels reaching a balance of flavors and aromas where the prevailing nuances of vanilla are highlighted.


  • Appearance: Bright straw-yellow color with violet nuances.
  • Aroma: Light perception, smokey, herbs, and fruits with hints of vanilla.
  • Taste: Soft and sweet tequila with multiple fruit flavors, and vanilla hints in the aftertaste.
  • Finish: Sweet cinnamon and spice. Tequila Reposado 40% Alc. Vol. 750 ml


40% Alc.

Elaborated with our Gran Coronel Blanco tequila and aged in French Allier oak barrels, American oak barrels and old bourbon barrels. The aging process is carried out slowly over twenty months, until our tequila maker considers the spirits to have achieved the high quality we require for our products.


  • Appearance: Clean amber color tequila with red nuances.
  • Aroma: Rich vanilla and caramel with mixed fruit essence.
  • Taste: Oak barrel with honey and dark chocolate.
  • Finish: Extremely soft and light, silky with hints of oak.
  • Tequila Anejo 40% Alc. Vol. 750 ml


20% Alc.

Awaken your senses with a mixture of finally selected Mexican coffee beans from Veracruz, Oaxaca, and Jalisco prepared using traditional methods and slow decantations gives us delightful aromas and unsurpassed flavor. This natural coffee concentration combined with organis agave syrup and 100% agave Gran Coronel Tequila ensures a high quality product and unforgettable experience. It’s excellent for sipping, mixed cocktails or dessert gradient.


  • Appearance: Dark, rich.
  • Aroma: Blend of quality tequila and natural essence of the finest coffee
  • Taste: Distinct flavors’ of rich, dark freshly-roasted coffee with hints of sweet vanilla and light tequila taste.
  • Finish: Smooth and light. Coffee Liqueur 20% Alc. Vol.750ml


14% Alc.

After many years of producing high quality tequila in Mexico, our tequila master Héctor Dávalos began the adventure of uniting the agave with ingredients as old and natural as milk in a sweet creation.


  • Appearance:Thick, heavy white cream. Aroma: Sweet and vanilla.
  • Aroma: Rich vanilla and caramel.
  • Taste: Sweet, soft, and smooth blend of vanilla and spice.
  • Tequila Cream 14% Alc. Vol. 750 ml

Our Tequila Process

(1) Harvesting

The plants grow in neat rows for five to 12 years and are meticoulously tended until they are ripe and ready to harvest. The harvester, or “Jimador” removes the agave leaves with a sharp curved tool called a Coa. Only the heart, or “Pina,” of the agave plant is used to make tequila. The size of the agave heart is not nearly as important as its sugar content.

(2) Cooking

The pinas split and then cooked in huge oven to activate a chemical process that converts complex carbohydrates into simple fermentable sugars.

(3) Extraction

The cooked pinas are crushed in order to release the juice that will be fermented.

(4) Fermentation

The agave’s juice is deposited in stainless steel tanks to be fermented. During this process the sugars contained in the agave turn into alcohol.

(5) Distillation

Once finished fermenting, the mosto (juices) is injected into stainless steel stills for first round of distillation and then into copper stills for second round of distillation for all three styles.

(6) Aging

Slow transformation allows the product to obtain their ultimate characteristics through natural processces while resting in their american oak or french oak barrels.

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