Gran Coronel Tequila

Héctor Dávalos Sr has worked with Tequila since 1967 to perfect the recipe we have today and his craft tradition of quality and uniqueness has been passed on to his son Héctor Dávalos. With the upmost care to our agaves grown in our fields in the highlands of Jalisco Mexico, and our partnership with Héctor Dávalos, we have created liquid perfection reminiscent of the craft tequilas as they have been made for centuries.

We are proud of our award-winning line of tequilas. We are striving to become a company that creates and stimulates change in our market. By creating exciting new flavors and gourmet combinations of drinks, we ensure that our clientele enjoy memorable moments that ignite the senses.

Gran Coronel is crossing borders for the first time, not only with its exquisite tequila, but with two special treats too: our unique TONCHA Tequila Cream Liquor and Gran Coronel Tequila Coffee. New flavors to attract the growing market of taste in the United States and worldwide!

Our Respect for the Environment

Fertilizing our fields by recycling the bagasse remaining from the productive process.


Having direct control of the production process in our fields allows us to drive a sustainable supply of agave through a natural recycling process.


By recycling the leftover agave fibers that remain from our four-step elaboration process, we create a fertilizer compost which is used to breed the ground for the next batch. This helps us maintain a natural agave landscape and preserve for generations.

We are environmentally conscious

This helps us maintain a natural agave landscape and preserve for generations.

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